Controversial take but we need to destigmatize calm anger. Like. People need to be allowed to say “fuck that guy” or “I just want to punch them in the nose”, and so long as they're not lunging at you or screaming, that needs to be okay.

I see a lot of “No more joking about killing myself” posts but very few about how a lot of those jokes are a way of internalizing anger about something that was done to you, and being angry about bad things is okay.


My other site is down because the fucking FreshRSS is messing with my apache settings. GDI.

#sitework #augh

Hehehe I just realized the laptop in the creative commons photo is Russian.

♪ Guess who's getting investigated by the CIA!♫


#miniflux documentation had some big gaps, and just as I started to feel I had fixed it, my computer froze.

What even the fuck. Why is every “easy installation” so freaking impossible for me. I have every bug on the planet and half the time it seems like the bug is there because I have the most recently installed software. It's fucking rude is what it is. #sitework #augh

I think I've managed to make the css work for me. Unfortunately, no such luck with the tag pages, but that seems to be an issue with writefreely on the github, so not my fault. #sitework

I am so tired. I have not slept well since the last time I got covid. And I think my sleep meds are lasting into the morning. #tweetledum