The noise that I made when I saw this title. A list of incredible BlockChain innovations which I would like funding for please

Honestly though, Voice Coinz and BoomBoomBucks have potential outside of the blockchain. Can I have a text service that if I make a noise or smoke complaint about my neighbor, and enough other neighbors do the same, they have to pay a buck toward my rent? And I think the spammers could probably pay my entire phone bill at this point....

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of my ability to use activitypub on my gotosocial.

Is dying of the Panera lemonade painful or can I just make a game of it

So much of #healthcare could be improved if we started prioritizing quality of life over textbook health.

I think many people erroneously believe a billion is a thousand millions.

No, it is a MILLION millions. Your billionaires are not a couple steps above a millionaire. They are a million steps above a millionaire.



Oh, AND — it my birthday! Happy birthday me, I guess.

I managed to shift Hubzilla to the new server today, and that broke FreshRSS and DocuWiki, so then I had to fix them, but all three are up and running!

Next is the photo hosting I put up for a friend, and I will have moved everything over, and can shut the old one down, port over the domain, and then... then it will be changing all of the links/domain names again, or just forwarding from one to the other. I'm not sure how I'm going to handle that, to be honest. Anyone have any suggestions for how to do that easily? #webdev #success!

I am so sorry if you wake up to this but. If I have to live this way so do you.

deep breath

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